It was a rainy weekend – the worst it’s been for a while now – so we decided to keep Ned (Us) entertained by getting him to paint his first picture.

Let me stress now that I do believe my son to be advanced for his age – his assisted standing, hand eye coordination and tongue sticking out are well mastered, and I honestly believe he’ll be walking before he crawls. However, I am also realistic and know my sons limits. As my wife suggested we let Ned paint his first picture, I looked down at our son, who currently seemed to be in a mental dilemma about whether to chew his red spotty ball, or to grab his toy robot. I knew then that our son wouldn’t be doing the majority of the painting unassisted.

So, we stripped him down to his nappy – vital if you’re allowing him access to paints, in our opinion. We then dolloped four colours of lovely toxic free paint onto a pallette (Lunchbox lid) and let him go for it.

After realising Ned hadn’t a clue as to the concept of painting, let along the act of painting itself, we decided to help him along the way by dunking his hands into the paint, and wipng them across the canvas. After a few examples were made to him, he seemed to get the hang of it – he even (By fluke, we think) put his hand in the red paint himself then wiped it on the canvas all by himself. We then dunked his feet and wiped them across the canvas too, letting him do some stamping for artistic effect, but basically it was mummy and daddy painting a canvas, using our sons limbs as brushes.

The finished product is below as part of the rocky style montage my wife put together. The picture, along with some cherished memories, is now hung in the kitchen proudly.


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