My son is teething.

At just over 4 months old he’s early (based on the average of 6-8 months) and it is not the most fun I’ve ever had.

The main thing I have found out so far, is that Teething is the answer to a variety of problems:

– Miserable? that’s teething
– Red cheeks? that’s teething
– Constant chewing of anything and everything he can get his hands on? Yep, teething
– God awful nappy changes? Also teething
– Holding their ears? You guess it
– Epic amount of dribbling? Yep. Teething
– Lack of hair? Teething (actually, not teething – that’s just my incredibly bald son)

It’s certainly not the best time, and I know it’ll last a lot longer that I’d ever want it to – we’re finding that
Bonjella and teething powders seem to be doing the trick. We’re not sure if it’s the powders, or the bonjella, but
we’re sure as hell not stopping the use of either, just in case.

Currently, our best course of action for a really bad spell of teething is a well washed finger in his mouth to chew on, coupled with a spell in the baby carrier facing forward – I remarked to my wife that me and Ned looked like Quato from Total Recall when we used the carrier, Claire googled Quato, and didn’t speak to me for a while afterwards.

Currently, we’re getting off a bit lightly – the worst spell was a period of about 30-40 minutes that required some extreme Ssshing, Finger chewing and baby carrier-ing. I keep telling myself that every finger chew is one less finger chew away from my son being content and asleep. I also refrain telling Claire how much him chewing my finger actually hurts, because I’m a man and I’m well hard.

But it does. Oh god it does.


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