What’s Up Doc?

I think, for the first 8-10 weeks of Neds life, we were visiting the doctors about once a week. Off the top of my head, reasons we went in were:
1) Because his breathing became wheezy
2) He developed a red rash on his face
3) He had what I’d professionally refer to as ‘A well gammy eye’
4) He had a cough
5) There was some sort of orange dust in his nappy
Of these, none were severe, though all made us worry like hell. Problems 1 and 4 were solved with the doctor saying basically ‘yeah, babies do that sometimes’. Problem 2 was something hilariously referred to as baby acne, and went down within a week or so. problem 5 was something called uric crystals which althrough it sounds like a power source from an 80s sci fy cartoon, was actually just a sort of dry wee.

Problem 3 was the one that annoyed me the most. A Gammy eye is something that pretty much 90% of babies will get apparently – I know my brother had it when he was a baby, and I think I had it too. Gammy eye isn’t a big deal, wash it, it goes away. sorted.

The problem was, neds eye wasn’t geting any better, no matter how much we (gently) washed it, it kept coming back after an hour or so, and it looked pretty red around the eye itself. Numerous trips to the doctor resulted in us being told not to worry, that it was a blocked tear duct, and that we should carry of as we are doing.

My wife, super sleuth that she is, wasn’t convinced, but followed the doctors advice.

About the third week of the eye being gammy, and no change, I went with her to the doctors. Finally, the doctor decided to take a swab of the eye to check for infection. The next day, Claire recieved a call from the doc, telling her they’d found two types of bacteria, and that Ned needed to go on a course of eye drops.

Less than a week after starting the eyedrops, Neds eye cleared up and has been fine since.

Not a particularly hilarious or interesting story, I know, but one I wanted to bring up, I think in our case, we got to the point where we were thinking ‘christ, if we go to the doctors again, that’s nearly 5 times this month’ and it was almost putting us off going, because every time we went, the medical professional told us there was nothing to worry about. It can put you off going. My advice would be if you truely think there’s a problem, keep going until that problem disappears. Different doctors have different opinions, and will try different things to diagnose. Looking back, I can’t believe it took four visits for a doctor to decide to take a swab of Neds eye, but I’m glad I whined and pestered the docs for a month before it got done, because not the gammy is gone, and I don’t have to get yellow goo under my nails every two hours.

Now, if only the doctors could stop our son crapping up his back on a daily basis, that would be excellent. Seriously, It’s like one a day, without fail. Nothings worse that lifting up your son, and your heart sinking as you look at his back to see a yellowish brown stain soaking through his elephant onesie. Delightful.


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